Hackney Supplies is a community based social enterprise aiming to deliver supplies to those in need during the Coronavirus outbreak. We are a free service trying to do our bit to help during these tough times.

Just click here and enter your details and what you’d like and we’ll be round the same day.

We currently deliver to the Hackney area, specifically the following postcode areas: E2, E5, E8 and E9. We would like to expand our community to deliver to more areas and help more people, if you’d like to help out or for us to deliver to your area, please get in touch here or via WhatsApp.

We endeavour to deliver all orders on the same day they’re placed, time permitting. If we’re unable to deliver for whatever reason, we will notify you and provide you with alternatives including delivering the next day or cancelling for a refund.

Sure, the more people we have out there helping to deliver, the more people we are able to reach and help with vital supplies. Just contact us or message us on WhatsApp.

Whatever it is you need. If we can locate it for you, we’ll bring it to your door. If your request is from a specific shop or location, please outline this so we know and can get exactly what you need.

If we are unable to get what you request, we may substitute an item or refund you the cost.

All orders will be delivered to your doorstep to maintain social distancing rules. We will text you once your order has been left outside for you to collect.

The last thing we want to do is unknowingly spread the virus so every care is taken to avoid this. We will never directly touch your items, wearing gloves at all times.

We will be out delivering most of the day. We will start making deliveries from 11am and finish around 10pm. If you order between these times we will do our best to deliver on the same day, time permitting.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email and text. We will then schedule your delivery into our route for the day and let you know when we are on route.

Yes. We all are. 

However, as everyone still needs essentials and many people are vulnerable or scared, we want to do our bit to try and prevent these people from having to leave their homes. After all, one of us being on the streets is better than 10 or 20.

We have dispensation to be delivering food and other key items to others during this time.

If you are a key worker, please mention this when ordering and we will try to prioritise your needs or if you have a specific timeframe you would like to receive delivery, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate.


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You can make a donation here, all donations go towards maintaining and improving our service. Any excess donations will go towards NHS charities.

We are grateful for any donations and they will be used in the following priority.

  • Maintaining this service, hosting costs, payment processing etc.
  • Improving the service, reaching more people via leafleting, adding additional areas and features etc.
  • Donating to appropriate charities such as NHS charities.

You can make a donation here.

You can get in touch by filling in the form here or message us directly on WhatsApp.

Just tell your friends about us and as many people as possible that you think our service would be useful for.

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